Salt cabin Business Deluxe is a product of their own Slovenian knowledge – the development of the Grajska vrata d.o.o. The salt cabin is a completely independent unit for the implementation of the salt therapy in body care centers (Wellness, SPA, cosmetic – massage salons) of spas – Terme or in companies for use by employees or employees. for easy use in the home environment.

Main features of the cabin:
– For use by two adults or adults and a child
– Comfortable installation
– Illumination with the possibility of setting colors – chromotherapy – RF controller
– Only the filtering system
– Quality sound system and music player USB-Card-CD-Radio
– Completed with a professional halogenerator Multisalt
– A rough salt on the floor for a light foot massage
– Built-in cupboard for hygiene items
– Built-in wardrobe for customers
– Solid construction (over 400kg) with adjustable base and high quality materials

The advantages of the Salt cabin against the Salt rooms:
– Easy and quick assembly
– Excellent solution if you have limited space
– Fully independent operation
– you need only an electrical outlet
– There are no interventions in the existing space
– In the case of relocation to another area or location can be easily disassembled and re-assembled


establishes the body in balance on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level.

Color therapy and healing (also known as chromotherapy or light therapy) is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. Each color falls into a specific frequency and vibration, which many believe contribute to specific properties that can be used to affect the energy and frequencies within our bodies.

While it is common knowledge that light enters through our eyes, it’s important to note that light can also enter through our skin. Given the unique frequencies and vibrations of various colors, people believe that certain colors entering the body can activate hormones causing chemical reactions within the body, then influence emotion and enable the body to heal.

Colors are known to have an effect on people with brain disorders or people with emotional troubles. For example, the color blue can have a calming effect which can then result in lower blood pressure, whereas the color red might have the opposite effect. Green is another color that may be used to relax people who are emotionally unbalanced. Yellow, on the other hand, may be used to help invigorate people who might be suffering from depression.


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